A complete jewellery basket !

• For your jewellery basket, you can add small items to the basket, such has head bands, or maybe even a small hand mirror.

• The thin ribbons seem to work very well to dress-up the handle on baskets. And use an array of colours to give the basket that stylish look, such as red, yellow, or even gold. The hedge of a pair of scissors can’t be ran along the ends of the ribbon, in order to give them that curly appeal.

• Very unusual shaped baskets are the best kind for this particular project. Look for baskets that have that long lasting appeal, and be sure that they’re roomy.

• Leave your jewellery inside the cases that the jewellery came in, the cases organize nicely once put inside the basket and they can be rearranged to your personal taste. Once your jewellery is in the basket, place it on the end of your dresser.

• Fill the basket with pretty easter grass, even pink, but the basic green will do; for once it is filled with jewellery the grass will barely be noticeable. Do allow a little to creep over the sides.

How to mend a broken heart !

Here are all useful tips for you !

Go on a vacation — even if it’s an imaginary one.

Listen to some real love stories — the best ones are the oldest ones.

Make someone else smile with a random act of kindness. It will warm your heart through and through.

Listen to some Tracy Chapman. She will help you get through anything.

Cook for someone — a close friend or family.
Cooking is cathartic.

Catch up on doing those things that you used to love to do, but never found time for because of your relationship.

Sit outside under the night sky and stars, with just you and a glass o’ wine (or beer will do).

More nights of romantic comedy watching with some girlfriends.

Get in touch with some old friends. And make plans to meet up and party during the weekend.

Try and spend as much time with family.

Watch the saas-bahu dramas that you gave up for your guy

Seven mistakes women make in bed !


It may be a feminine game, but it won’t get you what you want. Men just don’t think that way, and it’s disrespectful to later blame them for something they could never figure out from such indirect communication. Drop the games and be direct. Effective communication is what will hold you in good stead. If you’re embarrassed to ask what you want, use language which makes your meaning clear. Though you may find it difficult to express your emotions, he’ll need feedback to make sure he carries on enthusiastically. Losing your self in your bliss and not saying anything will make him wonder if you’re asleep, dead or uninterested, at which point he is most likely to stop.


If you want more foreplay, then you need to say so. If he charges straight into your erogenous zones after a few minutes’ of petting and kissing, then you need to educate him about what you want. Men are much more quickly aroused than women on the whole, and they simply need slowing down. As a woman you’re likely to be more creative than a man, so maybe you can apply your creative skills to sex, and improve it for both of you!


Well, maybe not in everything, but it’s not a bad rule to follow during sex. Men lose interest after a while: like it or not, that’s how they are biologically built (in fact they are programmed to sleep after sex) and unless they’re especially sensitive, they won’t be much interested in your satisfaction. The best way to deal with this is to have extended foreplay. This way he’ll be very turned on and he will enjoy the act.


It’s hard for women to believe, but it’s true. In general, men are much less critical of your body than you are. When you start hiding it during sex, or refusing to enjoy certain sexual positions because you fear what he might think of your body, he’s likely to get very disenchanted, very quickly. If you need reassurance that your body is OK, remember rule number 1: ask him for it. Say, for example, “Do you find me attractive?”


It’s an old, old stereotype: men lead, women follow. Well, that certainly shouldn’t be true all the time in sex. Even if you like him to be masculine and dominant during sex, or even if you like to feel as if you’re being “taken” sometimes, it’s just as nice for him to see your assertive side. Take the lead from time to time.


Nothing but nothing will turn a man off faster than being critical. Instead, find a way of gently expressing your feelings.


You want the lights off, you have to be under the covers and you never want to take off your shirt. Yeah, that sounds like some really exciting sex. If he’s with you, it’s because he likes you. So it’s time you got over your insecurities and gave in to your flaws. You can do so with baby steps by lighting candles. You are all set, go with the flow

Soha Ali Khan does a take on yesteryear actors !

VYJAYANTHIMALA: Here Soha replicates the Sangam star’s perfect grace and beauty. Note the magenta match
WAHEEDA REHMAN: Waheedaji was happy to play ‘Guide’ for this look. She helped me to get Soha look like her by bringing out all her old saris for reference
NADIRA: This is about being truly bold and beautiful. Nadira was bold enough to carry off some very creative costumes with style and grace. Nadira for me was the ultimate style guru of her time
NARGIS: I chose Nargis as a strong reference point because Soha’s face has her softness
SHARMILA TAGORE: Emulating her mother’s look was easy. All I did was keep the hairdo and make-up strictly Sharmila style
SAIRA BANU: Saira Banu was representative of the ’60s. Soha’s sex appeal as Saira is a reflection of that time. Also her hair and saris were designed keeping the hair accessories of that era in mind
MEENA KUMARI: Meena Kumari’s drop dead beauty and naivete were the key elements when Soha was given her look. I only wanted her to sport a ‘wiped off’ red bindi for her Meena Kumari look as she was seen in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam. I also wanted her to look heartbreakingly sad
HELEN: Soha performs a cabaret in Khoya Khoya Chand. And who is better than the sultry Helen when we think of a sexy cabaret number?

Red signal for red lipstick !

Awidely forwarded e-mail message and a recent study have revived fears that some brands of red lipstick contain potentially harmful levels of lead, a well-known neurotoxin. The e-mail claim has been circulating for some time, but it gained traction last month when a consumer advocacy group published a small independent study of 33 red lipsticks from various brands. The group, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, said tests showed that one-third of the samples contained lead levels greater than 0.1 parts per million — the federal limit for candy.
The group said it chose that comparison because there is no federal standard for lead in cosmetics. But critics of the study say the comparison is misleading, because unlike candy, lipstick is generally not ingested and any trace amounts ingested accidentally would be harmless. Stephanie Kwisnek, a spokesperson for the US Food and Drug Administration, said in an interview that the agency had conducted its own analyses based on past reports and found that such concerns about lipstick were unfounded. She said the agency was currently conducting a review of the latest report.

A to Z of haircare !

Welcome to your guide to gorgeous hair! Remember that the more you know about your hair, the better equipped you are to deal with it. Let’s run through the A to Z of hair in detail.
Armor, the hair on our body acts as a protective shield, defending the delicate parts of our anatomy.
Brushing and combing distributes our natural hair oils and increases blood circulation. However, remember to be gentle always while brushing.
Cuticle is the protective layer of our hair. When damaged, the scales of the cuticle stand up, giving a brittle and dry look.
Dandruff is a dry scaly condition, which can be easily avoided by shampooing with an anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week.
Excessive exposure to sun, will bleach and weaken the hair. Shield your hair with a cap or a scarf.
Fashion is often hard on the hair. Before surrendering your hair to the latest trend, check how your hair will be affected.
Growth cycle of the hair goes through a natural cycle of growth and fall. Do not panic if you notice some hair falling everyday.
Hirsutism or excessive growth of body hair in women. Oleum Jacoris cream is the best remedy to treat Hirsutism.
Injury to the hair caused by braiding, using tight rollers and tight ponytails.
Junk food is often mirrored in your lack-lustre hair.
Keratin is a hair protein.
Loss of hair is only normal, though if it seems excessive, contact a trichologist.
Magic Three Months — The cause of hairloss can be traced to three months, before hairloss actually manifests itself.
Nutrients and essential minerals like zinc, iron, boron, and molybdenum nourish the hair while proteins and vitamins too add to its sheen.

Over-processing hair with chemicals — by dying, it may cause damage to the cuticle and cortex.

Perming hair is not advisable because it causes the breakdown of the sulphur bonds of the hair. Quality of your hair can be improved by careful grooming and conditioning by oiling.
Rich Feel Trichology Centre is the most advanced hair centre in India and has India’s first certified trichologists at the helm to solve your hair problems.
Shampooing hair at least two to three times a week is a must to keep it clean.
Tricholgy is the science of hair and scalp diseases, with a scientific solution to most hair problems. To maintain healthy hair get your tricho-check done.
Understand your hair by reading up on hair tips, watching your hair for problems and checking your problems with a trichologist.
Vitamins are necessary for the overall strength and growth of the hair follicles.
Washing hair at alarming regularity must be avoided. If your hair type is dry, wash hair twice or thrice a week, while oily hair maybe washed daily.
X’ercise elevates blood circulation, relieves tension and fosters good health, which will surely be reflected in your hair
You are responsible for the well-being of your hair and body. A good haircare regime will ensure healthy hair.
Zinc deficiency is associated with dry hair, hairloss and oily skin. Include spinach, sunflower seeds and mushrooms in your diet.

Mushroom fresh !

When it comes to selenium content, mushrooms surpass all other items in the produce category. White button mushrooms are also good selenium sources. With a significant amount of selenium in every serving, mushrooms could turn out to be important ingredients in a cancer-fighting diet, especially in lowering the risk of prostate cancer.
They are also good sources of three essential B-vitamins: riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. Mushrooms are a particularly rich source of riboflavin: a serving of white mushrooms supplies one-quarter of what we need daily. They are rather under-recognised source of potassium, an element that helps regulate blood pressure, helps keep the right balance of water in fat and muscle tissues, and helps ensure the proper functioning of cells.
Whether you’re counting carbs or calories—or just trying to include more health foods in your diet—fresh mushrooms are an ideal fit. Five medium mushrooms contain only 20 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrate, and are virtually fat free.

There is nothing like fried mushrooms on toast for breakfast, served sizzling hot straight from the pan. Once cooked, mushrooms go soft and flabby, they taste okay, but the pleasure is not so great. They are largely composed of water and shrink noticeably during cooking. They also take up a lot of fat as they cook so it is best to use butter or a good olive oil for frying. Fry them briskly so that as they shrink the water evaporates and they don’t stew in their own juices. For the same reason, do not fry too many mushrooms at once in the same pan. Mushrooms should also never be washed but wipe with a damp cloth or a kitchen towel. Unless the skins are very discoloured, it should not be necessary to peel them, although you probably will need to trim the very base of the stem.

Wide Open Ear !

From mushy songs to parental advice to soporific college lectures, your ears help you hear all these. Can you imagine life with ears that didn’t hear properly? You don’t want to, right? So, take good care of your ears!

Infections: Fungal, bacterial or viral; may lead to watery or pus-filled discharge. Hearing impairment: Occurs when sound is not conducted properly into the eardrum; could be due to fluid, pus or blood in the middle ear.
• Be careful when you bathe. Don’t let
water, shampoo or soap get inside your
ear as it can lead to painful infections.
• Never, ever clean your ear with
matchsticks, pens or any other sharp objects. Always use a soft-tipped cotton bud.
• In fact, you don't need to use ear buds all the time. Ears have a self-cleaning mechanism. Gently wipe them with a towel if water has gone in.
• Try to avoid loud and noisy places such as discotheques.

No more FAT in schoolchildren !

Obesity is the increased fat content in the body. Now a major health problem in India, even underweight Indians have higher fat content than overweight foreigners. In a survey conducted recently, almost 60 per cent middleaged, working-class Indians in Mumbai were found to be overweight. In another survey, over 30 per cent children in Delhi’s elite schools were in the same category.
It’s ideal if schools ban vending machines and soft drinks and serve healthy meals and snacks in their canteens.

Diet control:
*Eat 3-4 regular meals per day * Avoid calorieheavy snacks* Select healthy food when eating out * Consume skimmed milk to reduce fat intake * Avoid soft drinks *Reduce using oil/ghee/butter at home to less than 500 ml per person per month * Select whole wheat products over white flour/white rice * Have lots of fruits and vegetables daily * Drink adequate water that helps one as much to eat less as well as remain hydrated * Avoid alcohol
Exercise On :
* Regular sports should become mandatory. In daily life, ensure physical activity whenever possible, like take the staircase instead of the elevator.

Walk for at least half an hour.

Small and very private Wedding !

• Choose location for small weddings more appropriately. Large halls do not take bookings for smaller number of people that leaves you with unusual and unique options. Take advantage and settle for something new.

• View your budget for the big day and then make plans. Small wedding rightly means fewer guests and low expenditure. Chart out each and every expense starting from clothes, food, ceremony, wedding administrator etc. even a low cost wedding demands a reasonable amount of funds.

• At your small affair, you can settle for some favourite traditional dishes and appetizers. Your priority is taste and good food for family and not large embellishments for people. You can relish on exotic dishes prepared with family’s preference.

• Let all your family and friends say a few words and express their feelings at the event. You do not have to be perfect and formal at the event. This would be an emotional and outstanding moment at your wedding.

• Get a projector and enjoy some memorable times with family and friends. Play some old family events and achievements to feel proud to be one.

• You can plan a vacation wedding as well. With just family and few close friends it will not be grand expense.

• Small private weddings might not be the most preferred ones but they surely are wisest choices. Looking back you will have people envying you for this dynamic move and wish they had done the same.

With a little care, parenting can be fun !

Parenting is a tough job, and maintaining close relationships and open communications helps to ensure parents and their children stay connected through all ages of their upbringing. Here are some simple tips for enhancing the bond.
Say I love you:
Tell your child you love him every day — no matter his age. Even on trying days or after a parent-child disagreement, it is more important than ever to express your love. A simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way toward strengthening a relationship.
Teach your faith:
Teach your child about your faith. Tell him what you believe and why. Allow time for your child to ask questions and answer them honestly. Reinforce those teachings often.
Establish a special name:
Create a special name for your child that is positive and special or a secret code word that you can use between each other. Use the name as a simple reinforcement of your love.
Maintain a special bedtime ritual:
For younger children, reading a favourite bedtime book or telling stories is a ritual that will be remembered always. Once children start reading, have them read a chapter, or short book to you. Even most teenagers still enjoy the ritual of being told goodnight in a special way by their parents.
Let your children help you:
Unloading groceries after going to the store is a good example of something that children of most ages can and should assist with. Choosing which shoes look better with your dress lets a child know you value her opinion. Of course, if you ask, be prepared to live with the choice made!
Play with your children:
It doesn’t matter what you play, just enjoy each other! Let kids see your silly side.
Eat meals as a family:
Eating together sets the stage for conversation and sharing. Don’t rush through a meal. When schedules permit, really talk and enjoy one another.
Think creatively:
Whether it is a walk around the neighbourhood, a special trip to a playground, or just a movie night with just the two of you, it is important to celebrate each child individually. Think creatively and the opportunities created will be ones that you remember, always.
Respect your kid’s choices:
It is important to respect those choices. Children reach out for independence at a young age, and parents can help to foster those decision-making skills by being supportive and even looking the other way on occasion.
Make them a priority:
Your children need to know that you believe they are a priority in your life. Children can observe excessive stress and notice when they feel you are not paying them attention. Sometimes, part of being a parent is not worrying about the small stuff and enjoying your children. They grow up so fast, and every day is special. Do make the most of it. You could start right away!

Quizmaster : Shah Rukh , On Hot seat : Amitabh Bachchan !

The two competing teams comprised Big B and I, and Raviji (Ravi Chopra) and Juhi Chawla respectively. SRK would be the official quizmaster. We discovered that Big B’s general knowledge is really good, he knew answers to almost every question.
Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan hit it off well on the sets of Bhootnath. They would be often seen together, playing cards, etc. A source from the sets says, “Big B and SRK spent a lot of time on the sets, playing card games in between their shots. They bonded really well on the sets.”
When contacted Vivek Sharma, director of Bhoothnath, confirmed, “It was a sight to watch SRK and Big B together. The two had fun over games and general conversations. There were several occasions when SRK dropped by on the sets even when he was not shooting. Big B showed interest in everything ranging from SRK’s pony tail to his six- pack abs. They would often play an interesting game called Trivial Pursuit.” Not just that, SRK gifted AB many DVDs of latest video games available.

Sun is slimmer !

A new study suggests that the Sun may be 300 kilometres smaller than previously thought.
If the latest study carried out by a team led by Margit Haberreiter of the World Radiation Centre in Davos, Switzerland, turns out to be correct, then other properties of the Sun such as its internal temperature and density may be slightly different than previously calculated.
Because the Sun has no solid surface, its atmosphere merely gets thinner and more transparent farther from its centre. So, the Sun’s “surface” is defined to be the depth in its atmosphere where it becomes opaque to light.
Scientists generally measure this by observing the Sun with telescopes and measuring the distance between the centre of the Sun’s disc and its edge (the place where its brightness suddenly drops off). This gives a radius of 695,990 kilometres, or about 109 times the radius of Earth. But a second, completely different way to measure the Sun’s size by using surface gravity waves called f-modes that ripple across the surface of the Sun like water waves on the ocean, reduces the Sun’s size by 300 kilometres.

Who is Naughty !

Even infants can tell the difference between naughty and nice playmates, and know which to choose, a new study finds.
Babies as young as 6 to 10 months old showed crucial social judging skills before they could talk, according to a study by researchers at Yale University’s Infant Cognition Center published in Thursday’s issue of journal ‘Nature’.
The infants watched a googly-eyed wooden toy trying to climb roller-coaster hills and then another googly-eyed toy come by and either help it over the mountain or push it backward. They then were presented with the toys to see which they would play with.
Nearly every baby picked the helpful toy over the bad one.
The babies also chose neutral toys — ones that didn’t help or hinder — over the naughty ones. And the babies chose the helping toys over the neutral ones.
There was no difference in reaction between boys and girls, but when the researchers took away the large eyes that made the toys somewhat lifelike, the babies didn’t show the same social judging skills.
The choice of nice over naughty follows a school of thought that humans have some innate social abilities, not just those learned from their parents.
A study last year in Germany showed that babies as young as 18 months old overwhelmingly helped out when they could, such as by picking up toys that researchers dropped.
Researchers also want to know if the behaviour is limited to human infants. The Yale team is starting tests with monkeys, but has no results yet, Hamlin said.
Parents should be cautious while presenting toys to their kids and be aware of the age-suitability of the play things which are often mentioned on the packs.

Popping pleasure !

Stress relief, diet aid, lucky charm: few can resist the allure of bubble wrap and now a Japanese company is finding new reasons to pop till you drop.

In Japan, the plastic packaging material is best known by a local brand-name Puti Puti, pronounced "poochy-poochy", and Kawakami Sangyo Co, its biggest manufacturer, has set up the Puti Puti Culture Laboratory dedicated to finding unusual uses for it.

"I think about Puti Puti almost every waking hour," said Ayaka Sugiyama, the head of the laboratory whose hobbies include singing in a five-person band called "Puti Metal".

"I'm not an expert in psychology, but it is said that if people see a chair, they want to sit in it. If they see a button on an intercom, they want to push it," she said.

"It's the same with Puti Puti. The bubbles stick out, so you want to squash them."

Hoping to tap into Puti Puti's appeal, Sugiyama started jotting down notes on unusual uses of the packaging material about seven years ago and the ideas were compiled in a "Puti Puti Official Book" published last year.

Among the suggestions are injecting the bubbles with coloured ink to create mosaic-like artwork, sitting on the sheets at picnics, sewing them into in a wedding dress and -- this from an 85-year-old woman -- popping bubbles to help prevent senility.

Kawakami Sangyo teamed up with toy maker Bandai Corp to develop a Mugen Puti Puti, or an "infinite pop pop" key chain with eight re-poppable bubbles -- although Puti Puti purist Sugiyama admits the sensation isn't the same as the real thing.

Sugiyama, a slender 30-year-old, says she sometimes pops Puti Puti bubbles while watching TV as a way to keep her hands busy and refrain from munching junk food.

Kawakami Sangyo, whose main customers for Puti Puti are manufacturers, is creating products aimed at retail consumers.

"Pucchin Sukatto", a box of small bubble wrap sheets developed solely for popping, went on sale at convenience stores for 198 yen ($1.78) in October and a "Puti Puti Calendar" comes with a square bubble on each day of the month.

"For those who think one Puti Puti per day is not enough, there are extras at the end of each month," Sugiyama said.

Kawakami Sangyo also includes one heart-shaped bubble per every 10,000 on ordinary wrapping for good luck -- sort of like a four-leaf clover -- and offers special sheets of giant bubbles that make a startlingly loud cracking noise when popped.

The company is now trying to develop star-shaped bubbles as well as scented Puti Puti, though both have proven tricky.

"The scent doesn't last," Sugiyama said of the efforts so far to make strawberry-scented Puti Puti.

"But we're still trying. Bursting the bubbles makes you feel calm and reduces stress and if there were a scent, it would be even more soothing."

Casual & Recreational sex for Dolphins !

Imagine being chased by a portable male sex organ that has a mind of its own or having to wait three days for your lover to get undressed. Think of the kinkiest and chances are it is already been practised and perfected in the sea.
“As humans, we think we’re so promiscuous but compared to sea creatures we’re just so boring,” says Australian aquatic scientist Sheree Marris, author of the newly published book, ‘KamaSEAtra Secrets of Sex in the Sea’. The book is a comical exposé on the raunchy sex lives of creatures beneath the sea.
“Sex sells, people love secrets and there are so many wonderful parallels that we share with marine animals when it comes to sex, love and relationships. They flirt just like us, dress up to impress their loves, serenade. The works get weirder and a whole lot kinkier,” says the Victoria-born Marris.
Having spent five years researching the book, drawing on her own work and talking to international experts and scouring scientific journals, Marris’ interest in marine sex began when she first discovered the meaning of the term ‘dork’. “It’s a whale penis. When we call someone a dork we’re calling them a big dick.”
Dolphins, according to her, believe in casual and recreational sex. The male anemone fish has both male and female sex organs and the cuttlefish can change its appearance to sneak past another male and have sex behind its rival’s back.
The book also looks at parenthood in the marine world. Marris cites the example of male seahorses that receive eggs from the female. They incubate them and give birth to the young.
Finding a date, however, is tough under the sea. Marine animals often fight for love. Flatworms engage in penis fencing fights each trying to stab their combatant to death.

Divya Dutta has lost tons of weight !

Actress Divya Dutta shocked us when we spotted her last. The actor has lost tons of weight and told us she is constantly being asked, ‘Whatever happened to you?’ The actor adds, “Well, I have lost weight and I am feeling good about myself.

The only thing is that people don’t believe this is me and are asking me, “Where is your elder sister Divya?” she laughs. Well, a compliment like that can do great things to women!

Which one is your real face ?

When you meet your boss, you have one face. When you meet your wife, you have another. When you meet your competitor, you have yet another… We’re experts at changing faces. But which one is real?
During an India–Australia cricket match, things took an ugly turn when Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds was subjected to racial abuse by some spectators. ‘Monkey chants’ were hurled at Andrew. Then someone in the stadium started jumping up and down, imitating a monkey. Soon, others joined in and made life at the boundary tough for Andrew.
We may have evolved into humans but the animal within us has not died totally. Every human carries something animallike, deep inside. It surfaces in situations of deep frenzy when our love towards our nation, caste or race makes us intolerant of outsiders. This is the root cause of all religious wars, all communal riots. Not just in India but all over the world, wherever crowds behave in collective ‘unconsciousness’.
There are two ways to deal with this problem—correct it or ignore it. The first step in rising above animalistic tendencies is to accept them. People who don’t accept them are hypocrites. They hide their instincts cleverly but these can erupt unconsciously and shatter their suave image. The second option is meditation—the process of peeling off our masks and discovering our original faces, which we carry with us from birth.
Let us observe what faces we present to people around us, every day. When a man meets his boss, he has one face. When he meets his peon, he has another. When he meets his wife/girlfriend, yet another face. People have become experts at changing faces and thus acquire thousands of them. It has become mechanical to change one’s face to suit the situation. When such people are in a crowd that thinks and acts like they do—all mechanical, all unconscious, all automated —they start making monkey faces. And that is how and why political leaders can exploit them!
Here’s a simple method to shed this mentality. Stand in front of a mirror. Let your emotional faces/masks appear. Make grim faces, funny faces, monkey faces… Grin or grimace, smirk or sneer… Soon, you’ll begin to laugh at your hypocrisy. And this laughter will set you free. You will soon unmask yourself to find your original face. Do this meditation playfully. Don’t be serious. Let your real face surface gradually.
After this, practise Osho’s laughing meditation. Laughing is probably the only activity in which we can involve mind, body and heart. Thus, it is a simple yet powerful meditative practice. It is done in two stages. Each stage can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour, and the stages need not be equally long.
The first stage can be done with eyes open or closed while sitting comfortably on the floor. To begin, just laugh and when you stop, start laughing again. It may help to think of humorous situations, jokes, funny faces, even to think how silly it is to do a laughing meditation! If tears come, cry for a bit before bringing yourself back to the laughter. Don’t be rigid. Let your body move and express itself through laughter.
In the second stage, sit with eyes closed. Witness your mind, body, emotions. Focus on the gap between the in-breath and out-breath at the navel area. Thus, acting consciously and playfully, you can realise your original face.

New, Fresh Love rules !

Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Remember how much your life improved when you finally gave up super-lowrise jeans, dating only bad boys, and dial-up modems? Relationship experts say that ditching the following seven love rules can be just as liberating, maybe more.


A lot of women think they’ll seem neurotic and needy if they act jealous. So when, say, a woman flirts with her man, many women may decide just to grit their teeth and play it cool to prove how secure they are.


A couldn’t-care-less act can backfire, because a total absence of jealousy can be seen by your guy as a sign that you aren’t investing in the relationship. No, you can’t go all fatal attraction every time he comes into contact with another woman, but it is OK to casually point out specific things that irk you like when a friend flirts with him or he repeatedly brings up a female co-worker you distrust.


You are trained to talk it out when there’s tension because you want resolution.


Heat-of-the-moment discussions can spiral out of control quickly. When you force an issue, you blab without having thought out what you need to say, which increases the chance that you’ll both blurt out things you’ll regret later. And that’s doubly true if you’re tired. Sleeping on it first allows you to sort out what points are truly important. It also lets you decompress so that you’ll be calmer and more rational when you make your case. Just say, “I’m irritated and need time away.” It can be smart to acquiesce if he’s asking for a recess, too. Instead of insisting that you hash it out at that moment, schedule a time to readdress the issue. Saying “Let’s talk about this tomorrow after work” makes it clear that you intend to revisit
the conversation ...
and that he’s not off the hook.


Unlike men, who feel free to ogle away at chicks without the slightest sense of remorse, women have a tendency to overthink a fleeting flirtation or lusty attraction to other men. Some women worry that they’re betraying their boyfriends or that it’s a sign that something is wrong in their relationship. So, they ignore the compliments they get or look through that handsome guy in office. The end result is that you get all the guilt of an illicit affair without any of the fun.


The juiced-up feeling you get from a clandestine crush can be good for your existing twosome. The reason? You start to feel like that foxy, flirtatious single girl you used to be (the one your man found so irresistibly hot), and he reaps the benefits of your reawakened excitement.


You like to spend a lot of time cooking up ways to blow your guy’s mind between the sheets, which, to be clear, is a very good thing. The danger begins if you focus on pleasing him to the point where you don’t get your own O-zone needs met. Women sometimes have a hard time articulating what they want, particularly in bed.


Men pride themselves on being able to get you off, so even though it seems like a giving nature would provide him with the ultimate gratification, you’ll actually erode his sexual ego over time if he thinks your toes aren’t curling, too. If you’re not satisfied, you both end up unhappy. The solution is easy, even if you’re too shy to say outright what you like.


Some couples mistakenly think that being on the same page and being close means taking an active interest in all of each other’s pastimes.


Forcing yourself to participate in his random hobbies dilutes your interactions. You get bored and ask him lots of questions, and he feels uncomfortable because he knows you’re not really interested. Conversely, pressuring him to take part in your extracurriculars will just make him resentful. Enjoy your interests on your own.

Be healthy with Garlic !

Garlic is an ingredient that almost anyone who does any cooking, and absolutely everyone who enjoys cooking would not be without. The Greeks and Romans believed that garlic has magical qualities. Warriors would eat it for strength before going into battle. Gods were appeased with gifts of garlic and cloves of garlic were fastened round the necks of babies to ward off evil.
A bulb of garlic, the most commonly used plant part, is divided into numerous discrete fleshy sections called cloves.


Garlic has many therapeutic properties and it’s just not an old wives’ tale. The most significant of these is that it lowers blood cholesterol thus helping to prevent heart disease. Also, raw garlic contains a powerful antibiotic and there is evidence that it has a beneficial effect against cancer and strokes, and increases the absorption of vitamins. Raw garlic if consumed can help limit the damage done to the heart after surgery because of its natural antioxidant properties.


Garlic bulbs should be firm and round with clear, papery skins. Avoid the one’s that are beginning to sprout. Garlic bulbs keep well when stored in a cool, dry place. If the air is damp they will sprout and if it is too warm the clover will eventually turn to grey powder.


First break the garlic bulb into cloves and then remove the papery skin. When a garlic clove is split lengthwise, a shoot is revealed in the centre, which is sometimes green and often removed. Don’t use a bulb when you just need a clove. Crush cloves with a blade of a knife or use a garlic crusher. Crushed garlic cooks more evenly and distributes its flavour in food better than when used sliced or finely chopped.

Indonesia finds death Entertaining !

Indonesian mourners wearing black congregate by a lawn-fringed plot here on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta, as they await the arrival of the body of their relative and friend. Once the funeral service is over, they have the choice of taking a dip in the Olympic-size pool nearby, rowing a boat across the lake or, in the nottoo-distant future, having lunch at an Italian restaurant.
In a city where the dead literally face eviction if their relatives fail to pay regular fees for the upkeep of their final resting place, a new and vast cemetery-cumentertainment complex aims to fill a niche for the rich. With helicopters to cut hours off a road trip to this sprawling facility 46 km outside traffic-clogged Jakarta, the ambition of the developers is clear. So far, just 25 hectares out of a planned 500 have been developed at San Diego Hills Memorial Park. Manicured walkways and tree-shaded roads wind through the hilly compound, a world away from the public cemeteries which are often unkempt. “We are inspired by the memorial park concept from the US and Europe, where the beauty of well-maintained and manicured lawns removes the eerie feeling usually found in traditional cemeteries,’’ said Suziany Japardy, an associate director of San Diego Hills.

Earth rises and sets !

This combo picture, observed by Japanese lunar explorer ‘Kaguya’, shows the earth setting to the horizon near the moon’s south pole (L to R).
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) released the world's first high definition image of the earth rising and setting .

Books are Forever ! Keep them always new !

If books are your best friend, then you would go to any extent to protect them and let them adorn the bookshelves forever. Read on to find out how you can safekeep the books, so that you can turn over a new leaf, always.

Mark your pages
Always use bookmarkers. Avoid folding corners or pages. Pens, pencils, left in books can cause the spine to crack and break. Very thick book markers or gem clips are also not a good idea.
Handle books gently
Remove from the shelf properly. Reach to the rear to push slightly toward you, then grab the sides with all fingers. Avoid the temptation to pull on the top spine, which is the first visible place of wear and fray.
Opening any book more than 190° (flat) causes the spine to break and crack over time. Always support the book’s spine while it is open, never forcing it to lay open. Wash hands before and after handling all books. Lotion, sweat, etc. can cause soil stains. Germs can also be passed to you from used, library, and vintage books.
Cloth bound hardbacks can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Use a very mild cleaning solution sparingly, otherwise the colour might fade. Leather dressing obtained from a local shoe store can be used on leather bound books. It can also be used sparingly by spraying on a cloth and then wipe the book. A furniture polish with a high concentration of oil will allow softening of the leather and help prevent drying out.
Home remedies may or may not work. We would not recommend books sealed with baking soda in a way where the substance touches or has direct contact with books. Otherwise it may produce satisfactory results. Slight odours may be removed in an airy location such as screened porch or deck with book laying open for several hours.
Another remedy is to spray a disinfectant into the air
while flipping pages, not allowing pages to become wet. Some have suggested sealing books in a plastic bag for several days with a strong solid, air freshener.
We suggest specialists for this area or any more difficult problems. Regular scotch tape and regular household glue is never a good idea. There are specialty products designed for books that can be obtained at a local library supply house. Books should never be boxed or stored with spines facing upward. This puts pressure and the weight of the book on the ..spine.
Flat or shelved position is the correct manner.
The yellowing of pages often found in older books is irreversible. Sealing in an air tight container is the only remedy to stop the process. Books today are printed on acid free paper to prevent them from yellowing.
Book parts
Spine: The side that shows when properly shelved which is the part where the pages are bound together. Hinge: Each book has an inside and outside hinge in front and in back. It is the part that connects the cover. Hinges can become cracked or separated. Pages generally start to become loose when there is damage on the hinge or spine. Title page: Usually the first or second printed page with title, author and publishing company.

Man, Woman & Manners : At a formal dinner !

What to do if the table is improperly set:
Don’t rearrange an improperly arranged place setting and offend the hostess. In a restaurant, where an improperly set table does not reflect on the skills of the host, quietly rearrange the ware for comfort.

Where to place the hands when eating:
To avoid creating an obstruction to your dinner partner, when holding a utensil, rest your other hand in your lap. When not holding any utensils, both hands remain in the lap.

Do one thing at a time:
If you want to sip your wine, temporarily rest your fork or knife on the plate.

Resist the urge:
To create a relaxed ambience, resist the urge to fidget. For cleanliness, keep the hands away from the face and hair.

Good posture at the table means sitting straight with the back rested slightly against the back of the chair. To avoid spills, lean over the plate each time you take a bite. Never tip a chair backward. Avoid wrapping your feet around the legs of the chair. Refrain from leaning back and extending your legs under the table, putting your arm on the back of a dinner partner’s chair, or looping your arm around the back of the chair. To do otherwise, blocks service and obstructs others from the conversation.

Elbows and forearms off the table:
To avoid crowding one’s dinner partner during a meal, the elbows remain close to the body and off the table. To prevent a barrier to conversation, the forearm and hand are not wrapped around the plate. But between courses, in the interest of hearing conversation at a crowded or noisy table, the elbows are rested on the table so one may lean forward, or the wrist and forearm are placed on the edge of the table.

Reaching at the table:
To keep from creating an obstruction for others at the table, reach only for ware close enough to grasp in one fluid motion. Otherwise, ask a guest to pass it to you.

Dealing with disagreeable food:
When food that you don’t like or can’t eat is served, rather than make an issue, take a small portion. Place the portion on the plate, and eat a small amount (or none at all). To compensate, take larger portions of other foods. For a severe allergy, say, ‘No, thank you’. At a buffet, take only the foods you like.

Spilled food:
When a guest spills food at a formal affair, a butler takes the appropriate action. But at an informal meal, the diner quickly lifts the food with a utensil and places it on the side of his plate. However, if food is spilled on another guest, the diner apologises and offers to pay for cleaning.

How large a portion to take from a platter:
When a platter of pre-sliced food is presented, and each slice is an ample size, take one serving. But if the slices are small, and it looks as if there are enough servings for each guest to have two, take two for yourself. As a courtesy to the last guest, make sure to leave enough food on the platter so he or she has a choice from several portions.

To refuse a beverage:
Do not wave the hands or cover up a glass or turn a cup upside down, simply say, ‘No thank you.’ When a guest refuses a glass of wine, see that he or she is given a glass of water.

Second helping:
At a formal affair, a multi-course menu is served that precludes the need to offer second helpings. However, at an informal meal, the menu is simpler and second helpings are encouraged. If the hostess does not offer second helpings, do not ask for them.

Amazing : Doctors reconstruct anus of two-day-old baby !

In a rare surgery, doctors in New Delhi have successfully reconstructed the anus of a two-day-old baby girl who was born without the organ.

In one of the first procedures of its kind in India, the baby from a slum cluster in nearby Gurgaon was given a new lease of life by doctors at the Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) last week after private nursing homes turned her away.

'Though the baby was not underweight, she was lacking the vital organ. We examined and operated upon her successfully at one stretch,' said Yogesh Sarin, head of department, paediatrics surgery.

'As the child was only two days old, we had to be extra careful. The pelvic muscle was divided in the middle and the rectum was mobilised. We made the hole at the required place and the child is now defecating through the reconstructed organ,' Sarin told IANS.

A team of five doctors led by Sarin conducted the surgery, medically known as posterior sagittal anorectoplasty, within an hour.

'We are closely monitoring her development and will hopefully discharge her by the weekend,' Sarin explained.

An added complication was the baby developing meningitis as she was delivered at home - over 50 percent of childbirths in India happen at home, the doctor said.

'The unhygienic surroundings led to her getting meningitis. But we have given her medicine and she is stable now.'

Bharatpur bird sanctuary falls off tourist map !

Gone are the days when the famous bird sanctuary here seasonally drew over 300 species of winged visitors, bringing in thousands of tourists from all over the world.

With barely 50-80 bird species arriving this year at the virtually dry sanctuary, located 175 km from New Delhi, tourists have either started skipping it or have been cutting short their stay here.

'I came here to watch birds and stay here for at least five to seven days. I am a bird lover, but there is nothing, almost nothing, to see here. So I am curtailing my number of nights and I plan to go back in a day or two,' Robert Bell, a tourist from England, told IANS.

Some bemoan that the government is doing nothing to save the bird sanctuary while others are critical of tour operators who are marketing Bharatpur as a bird haven despite knowing the true state of affairs.

'I am surprised. Why can't the government do something for it? I had come here around five to six years back at the same time around October and November, and there were lots of birds to see. But the place is now pathetic. Does the government want a famous place to die?' asked Diana, another tourist from Britain.

The bird sanctuary, known officially as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, wears a deserted look with very few birds and tourists in sight .

Registration application filed for Darjeeling Tea !

The Tea Board of India filed an application at Brussels on Monday to register Darjeeling as a Geographical Indication (GI) in the European Union (EU).
GI is a sign used on products, which have a specific geographical origin. The use of a GI often acts as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, or enjoys a certain reputation, due to its geographical origin.
Darjeeling was the first GI to be registered in India and is the first application for registration of a tea in Europe.
The distinctive characteristics of Darjeeling tea are due to both its geographic origin and the way in which the tea is processed in Darjeeling.
A major portion of the annual production of Darjeeling tea is exported, the key markets being Japan, Russia, the US and the EU countries.
India is one of the world's largest producers of tea, with a total production of over 900 million kg in 2006. India supplies about 30 percent of the world's tea.

Mobile Hospital for rural people of Assam.India !

A mobile hospital has brought hope at the doorstep for Titaram Payeng, a middle-aged farmer unable to work for the last three months because of a severe stomach ailment, and many like him having no access to proper healthcare.

Payeng's wife and two children suffered with him in their isolated village near Jonai, about 550 km from Assam's main city of Guwahati, as he could not earn a penny due to his sudden illness.

Payeng could not afford to visit the district hospital in Dhemaji and there were no doctors or medicines at the local health centre, forcing him to get medication from a local quack.

But life is looking up for Payeng now with Dhemaji district getting a state-of-the-art hospital-on-wheels - along with seven other districts in Assam.

The mobile hospital sits on two different buses equipped with sophisticated laboratory and diagnostic facilities, including X-ray machines, ECG, ultrasound, and an operation table.

Two doctors, two nurses, a radiologist and a pharmacist would be accompanying the mobile hospital in a separate vehicle.

'The mobile medical units would have two buses and a small vehicle aimed at reaching the doorsteps of people in rural areas,' Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told IANS.

The mobile units would visit isolated areas and villages on appointed days where patients could avail themselves of the services of the expert team of doctors.

Eight such mobile hospital units have been launched in as many districts in Assam - all the 19 districts would be covered by the scheme under the National Rural Health Mission by March next year.

Assam has become the first state under the Mission to introduce the hospital-on-wheels concept.

'People like us are surely to be benefited by such healthcare facilities,' Payeng said.

There are similar plans for people living in an estimated 2,500 sandbars located along the Brahmaputra river by March 2008.

Indian sailor jailed in UK for sexually assaulting teenager !

An Indian sailor has been jailed by the Southampton Crown Court for 15 months for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old passenger on his ship when it was in the Mediterranean.

Cajetan Fernandes, 30, who hails from Mumbai, reportedly befriended the girl while he waited on her family's table during a trip on the Southampton-registered ship named Aurora. The ship is owned by the cruise major P & O.

Fernandes persuaded the girl to follow him while she was waiting for a friend outside the restaurant one evening. Prosecuting lawyer James Kellam said he led her around the ship to a toilet cubicle, locked the door and sexually assaulted her.

Kellam said the girl described her ordeal as 'feeling horrible' and talking about it as 'acutely embarrassing'. The girl eventually confided in a friend she met on the cruise ship who persuaded her to talk to a youth worker.

Fernandes was arrested when the liner docked in Southampton, according to a report in the Daily Echo, a leading daily published from Hampshire.

Megan Toplis, lawyer for Fernandes, said he was a man of good character who had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. Fernandes had worked on cruise ships for nine years and there had 'never been a problem or question as to his integrity', she said.

Toplis said Fernandes had not used force, nor used coercion or made threats to the girl. He had 'lost sight of rights and wrongs', she said and added that he had shown genuine remorse and was extremely sorry for what he had done.

She said he had received no visitors while in custody and had been too ashamed to let his family know what he had done. Fernandes sobbed and clutched a crucifix close to his chest as the judge sentenced him to 15 months. He declined to make a recommendation for deportation to India.

E-Learning and India !

E-learning is composed of several methods of learning, which are aided by technology.There is no single definition for the term.E-learning has been defined as ‘the convergence of the web and learning on all levels’or ‘the use of network technologies to create, foster, deliver, and facilitate learning, anytime and anywhere’.

Brain drain’is a serious problem in our country.Improving the quality of education provided by Indian universities is crucial to retaining bright students.We need to emphasise that global education is available here and people need not spend extravagant amounts of money and years away from home to avail of it.

India undoubtedly has excellent institutes, like IISc and the IITs, but these are too few and selective.Worldclass education must be available to all for true progress to be made.Also, learning should not be restricted to students.Diverse sections of society, such as professionals, unskilled labourers, housewives and senior citizens should have equal access to knowledge.
E-learning is a viable solution to these issues.

Habits To Improve Your Life !

A little planning goes a long way. Eating healthy never happens by accident. For the most part, neither do good fitness, skin protection, healthy teeth, weight loss, and social ties. Many of these habits take effort that need to be scheduled into busy lives .













The Valuable Lemon !

• Lemon juice is valued in the home as a stain remover, and a slice of lemon dipped in salt can be used to clean copper-bottomed cooking pots. Lemon juice has been used for bleaching freckles.

• Lemon peel oil is much used in furniture polishes, detergents, soaps and shampoos. It is important in perfume blending and especially in colognes.

• Petitgrain oil (up to 50 per cent citral), is distilled from the leaves, twigs and immature fruits of the lemon tree in West Africa, North Africa and Italy.

• Lemon peel, dehydrated, is marketed as cattle feed.

• Lemonade, when applied to potted plants, has been found to keep their flowers fresh longer than normal.

• Lemon wood is fine-grained, compact, and easy to work. In Mexico, it is carved into chessmen, toys, small spoons, and other articles.

• Lemon juice is widely known as a diuretic, antiscorbutic, astringent, and febrifuge.

Diwali in Goa !

Diwali which is the festival of lights, is a one-day festival in Goa. Bhaubija and the New year day are also celebrated as part of Diwali festival. In Goa, huge effigies of Narkasura the demon, are made and burnt at dawn. The night of Diwali is also be jeweled with millions of flickering candles and an explosion of fire works and fire crackers, so it is known as the Festival of Lights. The lamps signify enlightenment or upliftment of the mind and edification of the spirit.

Narak Chaturdasi is called Diwali in Goa. On this day, early morning, a paper made Narkasur (demon) filled with grass, wastepaper, crackers etc is taken out and to the accompaniment of taunts and insults, burnt and cremated. Early on Diwali day after burning the Narkasur the Hindu menfolk will return to their homes to be massaged by their wives / mothers with the same type oil and 'utnem'. The family then visits the local temple and returns to a similar feast of 'foav' sweets.

Hold with Style !

She's forty something and on top of the world. Her world is a fantasy caravan. In her quiet moment, she’s a romantic. In Mumbai, she’s known as the ‘Accessory Queen’. Meet Meera Mahadevia, the stylish designer who creates heirloom masterpieces. But there’s more to her than her work. She’s a woman of all seasons.

Her zardosi batuas are the most-wanted items by some of world’s leading celebrities. Bollywood actress Rekha carries her bags, Parmeshwar Godrej walks in her sandals, Malaika Arora Khan flaunts her broad belts, Kirron Kher matches every sari with her bags. So does Sunita Kapoor, Diana Hayden, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor, Jaya Bachchan. On her India trip, Angelina Jolie bought her bag in Pune. Meera has also held successful exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai and London.

Shah Rukh Khan : Chief guist at Goa int'l film festival !

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan will be the chief guest at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2007 that opens in Goa on November 23.
The departure from the tradition of getting the honours done by celluloid oldies is conscious, sources in the I&B Ministry, which is co-hosting the festival, told HT. It’s a celebration of the youth brigade’s imprint on Indian cinema through cult films like Chak De, Rang De... and Munnabhai....
SRK has accepted the invitation and will be present at IFFI’s inaugural with the screening of Romanian director Cristian Mungiu’s much acclaimed Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days that won the top Golden Palm award at the Cannes Festival this year.
Mungiu and his leading lady Ana Maria Marinca will also be present. “It will be a great opening ceremony,” promised IFFI director Neelam Kapur.
For the first time, common viewers will be registered as delegates for a nominal Rs 300. Of the 5,000-6,000 delegates, nearly 1,500 will be from among the public and have access to the conferences and seminars that go with such festivals.

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