Friendship day in India

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Friendship Day is celebrated annually, on the first Sunday of August, ie. 3 August this year in several countries. It was initially declared a holiday in honor of friends in the United States by the U.S. Congress in 1935.wikipedia
Friendship Day has been commercialized to a great extent in India. It is mainly limited to the to the young people . Children make Friendship Day Cards or other special gifts to greet their friends for their on this occassion. Exchange of Friendship bracelets is one of the most prominent feature of Friendship Day celebrations. Sending SMS and Friendship Day e-cards is another popular way of greeting friends too.
Before the festival, gift marketers run an extensive campaign to attract people to buy cards and gifts for their friends. Advertising campaign has helped to generate awareness about Friendship Day festival dedicated especially to their ever loving friends.
The Friendship Day is especially for the one who walked in your life when the rest of the world opted to walk out. So enjoy your day with great fun, love and cherish the moment for the years to come.

Vaastu can boost Kid's study

You will do anything to your kids excel. So here's celestial help for your children!
Help them develop concentraion and improve memory the vaastu way...
Kids occupying the southwestern part of the house tend to be domineering. Rooms best suited for kids should be in the western side of the plot. A study in the east, north or northeast helps kids concentrate better. Facing the east or north while studying boosts their memort and helps them learn quickly and retain it for longer.
Always keep books in the southwest, south or west directions. Leaving books open leads to mental blocks.
Make sure that your kid sleeps with his / her head resting towards the south. This will help his / help body maintain a vital magnetic balance with that of the earth.
Whats on the Table
Piles of books on the table lead to confusion. To invoke divine blessings, keep images of Ganessha and Saraswati on the table. The study table should’t touch a wall. If there is a window at the back, keep the curtains closed. The study table/ chair must not face a door.
Light brings Light
Good lighting in the study area is very important. The lightshould evenly spread to every corner of the study den. Avoid using very sharp lights, they cause mental strain. Happy studying Kids !

Here’s a Quick Way to get back your Girlfriend

Relationship breaks ! Relationships are difficult to maintain. Even with the best of intentions, relationships may be neglected or, the two of you involved may forget to nurture and took things for granted. Then the relationship breaks down.

* You should not beg for her to come back. That would mean desperation. She might be irritated if you frequently call her. This would appear like a blame game and might only induce guilt. This might scare her away or lead her to cut off all communication.
* Keep your communication lines open. She might be more inclined to talk with you about the things that made your relationship hit rock bottom. It would be easier for you to ask for forgiveness. You should also forgive her for anything wrong that she might have done.
* If she is dating someone else, choose your words carefully. Your words have considerable weight and how you say will make difference.
* Never bad mouth her new beau. It only makes you look bad and jealous. She is likely to not talk to you afterwards. Women have a tendency to already know that you may be jealous. The best thing for you to do is show her how mature you actually are. Sometimes by wishing her good luck. It’s called reverse psychology in relationships.
* Many ex couples are choosing to stay friends if the break up was amicable. If she is able to call you after the break up then you still have a fighting chance. Should she bring up her new hunk, you should hold back on doing trash talking. Let her figure things out on her own and let her come to you if she wants to. Give her some advice after you listen to talk.
* By not badmouthing her or criticising him, she will realize how mature you actually are. This means she will want to keep you as a friend and if it does not work out with her new beau. You can be someone who she puts her trust and feelings with.
* Don’t be there when she wants you. You need her to miss you. Get busy or ignore her calls.

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