Sëx in the space ?

Sëx in space is distinguished mainly by the absence of gravity (unless artificial gravity is created in the space ship) which leads to some difficulties surrounding the performing of most sëxual activities.
Because no certain sëxual intërcoursë in space is known to have occurred, the topic is hotly disputed to clarify its potential impact on human beings in the isolated, confined, and hazardous environment of space.
Zero Gravity sëx in fiction:
Science fiction and popular science writer Isaac Asimov made conjectures in writing about what sëx would be like in the weightless environment of space, in 1973. He anticipated some of the benefits of engaging in sëx in an environment of microgravity. Zero-gravity sëx is a common topic in science-fiction.
Zero Gravity sëx in movies :
*In the James Bond film Moonraker, James Bond (played by Roger Moore), who is typically amorous, and the Bond girl, Dr. Holly Goodhead, have sëx in the cargo bay of the Moonraker 5 Space Shuttle in one scene.
*The Sci-fi horror Supernova (2000) featured sëx between several of the characters in zero-gravity areas of the Medical Ship.
What about NASA :
A new book written by a French astronomer, however, alleges NASA studied the feasibility of 10 sëx positions in space during a space shuttle mission in 1996, though this claim has been discredited, and has been vigorously denied by NASA. (Six of the positions required the aid of an elastic belt to hold the partners together, the author writes in the book, "The Last Mission.")
NASA does not ban sëx between crewmembers.
"We depend and rely on the professionalism and good judgment of our astronauts," said NASA spokesman Ed Campion. "There is nothing specifically or formally written down about sëx in space."
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