Re-submission of documents for retaining mobile connection: Harassment unlimited

If you are a mobile user( Prepaid or Postpaid ) in India you must get this messages in different form :
According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines, customers are requested to submit the documents for the re-verification audit process. Hence, we request to submit the below mentioned documents at any of the nearest .... Relationship Centres to enjoy uninterrupted services with ....:

1. Address proof
2. Photo ID proof
3. Passport size photo
Whoever you may be, you will be threatened like this :
In case of non receipt of documents, the Outgoing and Incoming services will be blocked in 7 days and 10 days respectively. The number will be permanently deactivated in 30 days.

If you are a postpaid customer, you will be send a nice big envelope are containing a request (or threat?) for document re-submission.
Don't they get the bill paid every month? Do their stuffs ( most of them are inefficient) maintain documents of customers? Now , the question is, why your service provider is unable to produce your documents to trai, why are they threatening customers?
What happened to all the papers you have submitted earlier ? Sorry to say, but the service provider either threw those out or sold it. They are incapable of maintaining your privacy.

After all these things, they are threatening costomers to re-submit papers. Funny thing is that they do not sent a simple message to acknowledging receipt of your valuable documents. It happens only in India.

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