7 tips to do better in exams except studying

how to do better in exam
Don't get panic on your exam time , it will destruct your mind and health , you get poor results. So, be fresh and do better in exams with these following 7 tips :
  1. Sleep for 8 hours and eat healthy foods on time, drink plenty of water too.
  2. Play for half an hour, it improves memory and confidence.
  3. Take your exam as a party , answer the question first which is easier to you.
  4. Feel happy and always send happy tweets to your brain.
  5. Share your tears and fears with your teacher, mother, family member or friend you like the most.
  6. When down, recall the time when you were at your best .
  7. Just scan through what you know well and read or practice what you are not confident about.
And with all these nice tips, study as much as you can.

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