You can make people / friends like you

Yes, it is possible through some simple rules .
1. Smile - not always , but in maximum cases.
2. Become genuinely interested in other people- this is necessary.
3. Remember that a person's name you met - when you call him/her with his/her name , he will never forget a person like you.
4. Talk in terms of the other person's interests-but don't be so loud.
5. Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves-...and listen it sincerely.

Top 5 games for women : Gaming industry is not ignoring women

There is evidence to suggest that, despite the obstacles, young girls carry on playing games.
Research done by gaming firm Electronic Arts' found that 40% of teenage girls played video games but, crucially, they seem to lose interest within a year.
For teenage girls, at a complex stage of development, it may simply be that real life takes over. 1. The heroine of half a dozen games in the Tomb Raider series, Lara is an archaeologist-cumadventurer with more than a hint of the daredevil about her. Rarely has one character dominated a series the way she has. Mind you, she did take some flak from the feminist brigade initially for her appearance but has of late gained acceptance among them as one who can teach the lads a thing or two when it comes to bullets and brains! The first lady of gaming, without a doubt.
2. The Sims series from EA games is one of the most popular and lucrative of the PC games. Over 98 million Sims games have been sold to date and versions of the games are available in 22 different languages.

3. Games such as Second Life are increasingly offering a bridge between the virtual and real worlds which could be enough to hold girls' interest.

4.Dead or Alive is a video game series produced by Tecmo that comprises primarily fighting games. The story and characters are the creation of Tomonobu Itagaki, and the game was developed by Tecmo's Team Ninja development team.

5.Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (DOAX) is a beach volleyball game by Tecmo released in 2003 for the Xbox video game console. Showcasing the graphics capabilities of the Xbox, it received late-teen ratings in most regions for its depictions of big breasted women in skimpy bikinis both on and off the beach. Unlike the previous games in the Dead or Alive series, it is a sports game as opposed to a fighting game.
If I think of a story about men's game my title should be like : Top 25 games for men.......
There should be incentive enough for video games makers - and if they build it, then surely women will come.

Remove odour with Lemon

1• To remove the strong odours of fish or garlic from your hands, rub a bit of lemon on them before washing if off with soap.

2• If your fridge smells of stale food, cut a few lemons and keep them in the fridge. In no time the smell will be gone.

3• To get rid of the smell of petrol or kerosene make a paste of gramflour and water and rub your hands vigorously. Then simply wash off.

4• An old spice bottle still smells of the spice that was in it, throw in a handful of kitchen salt and pour a little water. Let it be for a while, then rinse with water.

5• Your cooking vessel shows a few burnt stains simply, boil in it a mixture of water and vinegar. The burnt spots will come off easily.

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