Airtel New logo : Change of identity

Airtel New logo
The new international identity of Airtel has been specially crafted to appeal to a more dynamic & demanding audience. at the same time, it retains the core elements of what has made our brand a market leader. The new Airtel logo looks like a curved, cute 'a' with 3D effect, almost as if it were a living object, to indicate what they call dynamism and the warm and friendly appeal of Airtel.
The red colour has always been an integral part of the brand and it still remains in the new logo of Airtel. The red represents energy and dynamism which has brought success to Airtel.
So Airtel is going more international than Indian as the new logo represents .

Abstract rangoli designs for this diwali

The design of Diwali rangoli is made of colourful rice flour, which, heralds the arrival of Goddess Laxmi into the house. Here I have found some Abstract Rangoli designs:
rangoli abstruct designs

rangoli floral designs

rangoli design

rangoli designs

rangoli abstruct art designs

rangoli image designs

rangoli patterns

Is it necessary to celebrate Dhanteras ?

people buy gold in dhanteras

Hindus consider Dhanteras an auspicious day to buy gold. On the eve of the festival of lights, Diwali. New clothes are worn, gifts, traditionally of sweets, are given and prayers are offered to the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.
All the rich people buy gold, silver for the occasion . Is it necessary to celebrate Dhanteras in this way when 37.2 per cent of population BPL, 10 crore families to get food security in India ( Report : indian express, Apr 18, 2010 ).
Celebration to buy gold is a shameful act in India.

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