Shilpa Shetty engagement with Raj

Shilpa Shetty engagement pics Bollywood's sexy siren Shilpa Shetty is finally getting engaged to the man she loves Raj Kundra. The engagement ceremony held at Raj's recidence in Juhu. It's very hush-hush and only close family and friends will attend. Shilpa and her family have decided to go ahead with engagement date after much deliberation and consultation with family astrologers, including her mother Sunanda.
Shilpa shetty engagement picture is with the outfit which is a Manish Malhotra designed saree and choli in soft onion pink chiffon reflecting Shilpa's grace and beauty.

Imagination can cure kids stress problems and stomach ache too

stress management for childrenYou may call it a psycho-cure. Kids with stress problems and stomach aches, who used guided imagery (Guided imagery is an effective stress management tool to reduce tension, manage stress) at home along with regular treatment, were three times more likely to ease their problem, compared to kids who were only undergoing medical treatment.
Children can clearly reduce their abdominal pain a lot on their own with guidance from audio recordings, and they get much better results that way than from medical care alone.

Irrfan Khan does not wants to carry Nehru role

Irrfan Khan, an intellectual actor in Bollywood, dose not wants to carry Nehru's role which has been offered to him in Joe Wright's 'Indian Summer'. Irrfan's latest release is ' Acid Factory '.
Earlier, oshan Seth had played Nehru in Ben Kingsley's Oscar winner 'Gandhi'. Though Irrfan was grateful to Danny Boyle for offering him such a role. The Film will have the important historical incidents during India's Independence. It will be shot in capital Delhi, Punjab, Jammu-Kashmir, and other parts of India.

Surprise : Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize US President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee said.
This is a somewhat surprising move by the Nobel Committee, since Barack Obama simply hasn’t had enough time to do all that he had set out to accomplish. Still, Thorbjorn Jagland, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, claims that the prize was awarded based on Obama’s work so far.

NTR University 2009 Results

Dr.NTR University of Health Science (NTRUHS), Andhra Pradesh has declared first & final year M.Sc Medical results 2009.
These Results are available on Dr.NTR University Website
Direct Link to First Results
Direct Link to Final Results

Rs 10 plastic notes in India

Rs ten plastic note The advantage of the plastic note is that they are difficult to fake and are much more durable than the paper notes. Reserve Bank of India planning to introduce Rs 10 plastic currency notes. RBI has decided to introduce 100 crore pieces of Rs 10 plastic notes initially, and a global tender has been called. India's previous attempt was a Ten Rupee coin.
The currency notes in Australia are made of polymer, since 1988. Making a counterfeit note of Australian currency is an expensive proposition as it would end up costing you close to it's face value. All the countries are constantly making attempts to prevent fake notes with limited success. In India were we get a lot of fake currency from across the border, the notes are changed periodically , Australian currency is still the same .Changing the designs of paper notes prevent counterfeit but it definitely is not as effective as having plastic notes.

100 lyrics | 100 of Gulzars favourite lyrics in a book

100 lyrics of Gulzar
100 Lyrics is a bi-lingual book that contains the original lyrics of legendary lyricist Gulzar in Hindi along with their English translations, featuring his old as well as new compositions.

The book is published by Penguin Books India, the yet-to-be released volume has 100 of his best works selected by Gulzar saab himself.

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