Do you need a sex counselling ?

* When you attain puberty. Go for both social and medical counselling to understand the changes in your body and the natural sexual urges and desires like masturbation and physical attraction towards the other sex .

* In case your contraceptive method fails, and also to know what the safe options are .

* Certain lifestyle choices are also important for good sexual health. To know how to be physically fit and maintain personal hygiene. Both reed-thin bodies and obese ones affect sexual health in different ways .

* Both men and women need regular internal check-ups—including tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, liver and routine urine examinations—to rule out any infections in the body .

* Pubescent girls should be taught about the period of menarche, that is the first menstrual cycle. For some, it can take a while before the cycle regularises. Parents shouldn’t panic .

* Almost one-third of sexual health problems are psychological and affect conjugal lives too. One needs to seek professional help before a problem leads to depression and affects a relationship deeply .

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