Tribute to a master : Yaad-E-Bismillah !

The concept and our understanding of good music is changing so much these days and this docu-drama will evoke memories of what happened during earlier times when a student went to learn music from her or his guruji.

Yaad-e-Bismillah begins with Ustad Bismillah’s journey to his maternal uncle’s house during Id and how the three-year-old boy fell in love with the shehnai.His uncle understood his talent and kept the young boy with him, treating him like a son and giving him the necessary education in music.Soma’s husband filmmaker Subhankar Ghosh, himself a national award winner, has written and directed the docu-drama tribute.

Ustad Bismillah Khan was born as Qumaruddin Khan in Dumraom in Bihar. When his grandfather first saw him, he exclaimed and said: ‘Bismillah!’ That name stuck to Baba for the rest of his life.
<<Ustad Bismillah Khan saab with his elder brother
The young Bismillah loved to listen to music at the kothas of Benaras. He was very fond of listening to baijis including Siddheswari Devi, Rasullan Bai, Batholan Bai, Janki Bai, Bari Moti and Chhoti Moti. His uncle would also go there. In fact, baijis used to keep a laddoo for the young Bismillah. Of course, his family wasn’t too happy with the fact that he went to listen to music at Dalmandi. I remember him talking about how he would jump from one boat to another when the baijis performed on barges on the Ganges. On one barge, there would be Rasullan bai. The other would have Bari Moti. During the 1920s, he said he would also get good money. “Mujhe chawanni milti thi. Kabhie kabhie toh mujhe do rupaiya bhi milte the!’ He would wear a turban and sit to play. Rose petals would be strewn all over and the place would smell of attar. There would be arrangements for mithai, laddoo and pakhwan for all the performing artistes. In those days, it was more of a feast. I had often heard him say: ‘Ajkal toh raag jung hota hai. Pahle, umang hota tha!’ As far as the music goes, he liked the spiritual style of music of Siddheswari Devi. The profound earthiness in Bari Moti and Rasullan Bai’s music also impressed him a lot. Yet, his brother Samsuddin didn’t really appreciate his going to listen to the baijis. He rebuked him, fearing that his escapades would bring shame to the family. But Baba was bowled by the baijis’ music.
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Women always prefer Gentlemen !

Is expectation of chivalry dead? If it is, is that a good thing? A new guide to chivalry for the modern man Manners for Men is selling like hot cakes abroad. The guide promises to equip any male with style and panache to confront every social challenge —from guidance on being an erotic lover and dealing with female bosses to training on how to open a door for a woman and how to play the date game. But are these old notions of etiquette valid in today’s world, where women claim to be second to none? Maybe, in today’s post-feminist society, it’s time to remind rules of etiquette and chivalry.

*Maintain good hygiene; take care of body odour, use deo.

*Resist from lapsing into locker room conversations, swear words and slang .

*Use 'thank you' and 'please’ liberally.

*Treat female colleagues and friends with respect.

*Stop staring at the wrong places. Women know instinctively.

Deepika Padukone Gets Special Invite from M S Dhoni !

The skipper of the Indian cricket team seems to have some fondness for Padukone.
It is no secret that Jharkhand boy Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become a heartthrob of millions in India. But the man himself is rumoured to have been struck by the beauty and charm of actress Deepika Padukone , who makes her debut in Om Shanti Om .
Grapevine has it that Dhoni has given a special invite to Ms Padukone for the Indian team’s Twenty20 match with Australia on Saturday October 20.
Deepika is expected to watch the game at city's Brabourne Stadium along with some of her close friends.
It may be recalled that the ‘Om Shanti Om’ hero Shah Rukh Khan was in South Africa to cheer team India in the T20 world cup finals against Pakistan.
Deepika doesn’t wish to come clean on questions regarding Dhoni. She says if she goes to see the T20 match on Saturday, it would not be for an individual, but “for the entire team”.

..and GOD created Hands !

This is a snap of a soft toy making factory . Workers are assembling Tiny hands !

An all-star salute to Julia Roberts !

That famous Julia Roberts smile was flashing more than usual Friday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the American Cinematheque honored the actress with its 22nd annual award.
The ceremony, to air Dec. 5 on AMC, featured her co-stars past and present sharing memories of working together and introducing themed montages from her films.

The montage that got the biggest laugh most likely will never air on AMC. Introduced by Sally Field, who noted their mutual fondness for expletives, the package featured clips of Roberts using various curse words.

Tom Hanks did a bit equating Roberts to the letters in QUAKE: Q, for the question he always gets: "What's it like working with Julia Roberts? U: Upstaging. A: Asterisk, as in actors' credits punctuated by a "* worked with Julia Roberts." K: The Knowledge that Julia will be going home to a husband who is way better looking than you will ever be. And E: Everybody loves Julia Roberts.

Satin Comfort !

Gods of Couture love dressing women in sexy satin. There’s nothing like the luxury and comfort of smooth satin. Be it satin gowns, skirts, slips or lingerie, satin is the favourite fabric. Romancing in satin builds a mood. Curvy women know how soft satin can highlight their sensual curves.

Remember, Marilyn Monroe’s satiny dress when she performed Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Afterwards Madonna recreated the same satiny look in her song Material Girl. From red carpet walk at the Oscars to bollywood award nights, satin simply rules. Satin reflects luxury. It’s a fabric that understands feminity. Women just love the way it drapes around your body, it makes you fall in love with it.

The good thing about satin is, you can wear it during the day and night. Satin is all about sheer sheen. The best way to wear satin is in simple silhouettes, soft pleats, delicate drapes with dazzling accessories. A satin top during the day time teamed with a skirt looks so stylish and a black satin knee length dress is perfect for the evenings.

Satin itself is such a lush and rich fabric that don’t go over the top while dressing. The key to this trend is to add a touch of glimmer without overdressing; wear just one embellishment at a time. Skinny sequinned scarves and pretty beaded bracelets can add trendy sparkle to any outfit. While jewel-accented hairbands and colourful vintage brooches achieve lady-like glamour instantaneously.

Real life 'Ghungroo' of Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag !

THE moment you spot her, your mind conjures up images of a bindaas Ghungroo of Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. But a closer look at the petite 26-yearold Sunita, and you can see the difference between the real-life female autorickshaw driver, who cruises the deadly roads of Delhi, and her reel-life counterpart. There are no Ghungroo-style gaalis or brazenness of Sholay’s Basanti, just stoic calm. A fire in her belly that translates into strength in her eyes. Eyes that convey that they've licked many a darkness-filled corner.
As I hitch a bumpy ride on her auto on a hot sunny day, Sunita waves a practised hand when a bus load of school kids wave at her. She tackles half a dozen funny stares without batting an eyelid. She laughs when she recalls the reaction of other autorickshaw drivers when she hit the road. "They were really threatened and said, 'What will happen to us if women start driving? No one will hire us then'. I even got into fisticuffs with them." Today, by her own admission, she's quite respected by her fellow drivers. Why, we even witness a rowdy driver of a killer Blueline bus making way for her! "I still carry the 10-rupee note my first passenger tipped me with," she says fondly, waving the talisman in my face.
But life's not been easy for this woman. It was less than a decade ago when a mentally and emotionally scarred girl came to Delhi, leaving behind her rusty village near Meerut to escape a maniacal husband and even worse inlaws. She was married off at 13, divorced at 14. But this gutsy girl decided to take the reins of her life in her hand. Initially, with no place to stay or any money for food, she started as an errand girl at a primary health centre. Then came the turning point in her life.
En route to Haridwar, Sunita saw the bloodsmeared body of a young guy — a victim of road rashness. As she cried for help, the callousness of passersby appalled her. Even the police refused to help. As she saw the boy die in front of her eyes, Sunita promised herself that she'd never abandon a hapless person on the road or an accident victim, ever. "And there was just one way I could do so — by owning a vehicle," she says.
But she soon realised that without money, she couldn't even afford driving lessons. Not one to lose heart, she asked around. Policemen from the local station acted good Samaritans. They let her practice on their PCR van on one condition — she had to be there at the crack of dawn, before the senior officers arrived. And there she was!
She bought her first autorickshaw after a lot of tussle with the authorities. "They simply refused me a licence, because 'they've never given one to a woman before'. "A decision that made me run from pillar to post for three long years!" exclaims Sunita. Driving in Delhi's chaotic traffic is no fun. But Sunita remains unfazed, weaving through traffic, totally confident of her driving skills. "I drive from dawn to dusk. It never tires me. In fact, I love driving at night when I get to see interesting characters and all sorts of human drama unfolding," she says with a glint in her eyes.
So, does it get lonely at times with not a single female colleague to bond with? "I do chat with other male drivers or policewallas, but I don't like to be 'one' of them. They smoke and drink. I prefer to read my newspaper or take a nap on the backseat when I get free moments," she explains. Incidentally, some years back, she contested the assembly elections in Delhi and lost. Would she file her nomination again? "Why not? Politicians have clout." Would she give up her auto then? "No way! It's my luxury car!" she cries energetically.

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