Maintain a close friendship forever

There is a certain chemistry between friends just as there is in other relationships. Therefore, contact with other people is the first building block to make friends.

Talking between friends has to be reciprocal. In a mutually satisfying friendship, both friends look forward to talking to each other and meeting up.

Friends should acknowledge each other. Always take care of the other person’s feelings. Problems in your personal relationships can be avoided if you take time to acknowledge each other’s feelings and points of view.

Listening to friends is an important step in building a closer relationship. We often take listening for granted, never realising what it means to really listen to a friend. Besides, your friend may be in distress and needs you to just be there for him/her.

Empathy is when you can identify with your friend’s feelings especially when he is going through a low patch. Don’t be fake.

Touching is a warm form of communication between friends. When you see best friends communicating, you will notice friends stand close together, and touch comfortably.

Affirmation is a powerful tool when it comes to making good friends. But make sure that the praise that you shower upon your friend is genuine.

Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand. Do not break your friend’s confidence. Friends can trust you with their secrets. Good friends are forever loyal and do not break each other’s confidence!

Anybody who thinks “If he is my good friend he should be able to read my mind” is being foolish. Friends cannot read each other’s mind. So, always say what you think or feel.

World's highest rail bridge

The Location :

The Kashmir Railway is being built through the inhospitable terrain of the Himalayan foothills. It will also cross the Chenab River on the world’s highest railway bridge.
Indian Railways is undertaking construction of the world's highest railway bridge over the Chenab river between Katra and Laol in Jammu and Kashmir. To be built at a height of 359 metres over the river Chenab, the bridge will be 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower of Paris, sources in the Northern Railway said. Currently, the world's tallest bridge is on France's Torn river. Its tallest pillar has height of 340 metres while the actual height at which the trains run on the bridge is 300 mts. The bridge being built in Jammu and Kashmir will have trains running at a height of 359 mts above the river. Being constructed by the Konkan Railway at a cost of Rs 512 crore, the Railway bridge between Salal and Laol railway stations near Riyasim, will be one of its kind not only in India but also in the world.

It is always a woman who pulls another women down : An analysis

When women are very little...
From the time that little girls are born, society treats them to fit into a certain mold, a particular characteristics.Little girls should be beautiful,neat, polite, nurturing and well behaved. When she deviates from the identity given to her by society she becomes disillusioned about her self-worth and role in society. This is the root of self-hatred and low self-esteem for many women.
When they grow up...
Women compete with each other in the society, the criteria for winning is usually set by men and the results are subjective and intangible. Women are usually judged by 'the'characteristics that they have little control over; something that they did not create, and that exist outside of themselves - their physical appearance. A women's success is based on external validation by others. She can’t see how to beat her rival because her rival is just physically beautiful than her. How can one really be more beautiful than another woman, when the decision is nothing more than someone else’s opinion of beauty?..and this varies .Women are so busy competing with each other for male attention that they do not have the psychological, intellectual or emotional insight to change the social climate that is causing them to suffer from low-self esteem.
Now, why do women compete with and hate other women?
A. Women feel that other women control their man’s séxual fidelity.
B. Women feel that their level or degree of physical beauty is based on luck as opposed to something that she controls.
C. Women feel that other women can take something that they have worked hard to earn by using their beauty on the job, school and the legal system because men will be taken by her beauty.
D. Women feel that their biological prime-time is limited. She can easily be replaced by a new younger, more beautiful woman. Youth is a woman’s fair-weathered friend.
E. Women feel that other women can not be trusted. They gossip too much, they are phony and they would take your man right before your eyes.
F. Women subconsciously believe that if they merely looked like another woman, they could inherit her life, her diamond, her man, and people would look at her with the same admiration.
G. Women feel that other women divert attention away from them.
H. Women feel psychologically competitive with other women to be more attractive.
Women celebrities are jealous about ...
Keira Knightley is jealous of other women’s legs. Paris Hilton believes that Nicole Richie is ‘jealous’ of her and that’s the reason for their sour relationship. So heartbroken, Paris even once wrote a song ‘Jealousy’ for her ex-girlfriend.

Feel and manipulate 3-D images

A controller developed at Carnegie Mellon University allows computer users to manipulate three-dimensional images and explore virtual environments not only through sight and sound, but by using their sense of touch.
The device, expected to be used mainly for research, training and industrial purposes, comes close to the sensitivity of the human hand.
Using magnetic fields, the socalled haptic device replicates the response a hand might have to textures and gravitational forces, the devices convey the sense of touch.
The controller — like a joystick topped with a block that can be grasped — has just one moving part and rests in a bowl-like structure connected to a computer. Two of the controllers can be used simultaneously to pick up and move virtual objects on a monitor.
Researchers had built 10 of the devices, six of which were to be sent to other universities across US and in Canada, and that a new company, Butterfly Haptics, would begin marketing the device in June or July.
The controller, which will cost “much less” than $50,000, could enable a would-be surgeon to operate on a virtual human organ and sense the texture of tissue or give a designer the feeling of fitting a part into a virtual jet engine.
The interface might also convey the feeling of wind under the wings of unmanned military planes.

Allergies : The home treatments

Here are some home remidy and ingredients to combat with the allergies
Green tea:
This common table tea has a natural antihistamine. Drink one or two cups a day and sweeten with honey. You can also use black tea, since it is from the same plant as green tea, but it isn’t as effective.
Purchase local honey. Use it to sweeten tea, or have a small amount of it plain. Local honey can help you became resistant to certain pollens. The beneficial qualities of honey are lost when it is cooked.
Peel and crush a one-inch piece of fresh ginger root. Place in a mug and pour boiling water over it. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Sweeten with honey, if desired. Ginger is both a natural antihistamine and a mild decongestant.
This helps to stimulate the immune system and is also a decongestant when used to treat coughs. Use it in cooking as much you can. If you enjoy the taste, add it raw to salads because fresh garlic is more effective.
Peppermint tea:
This tea is often used to help relieve congestion. In the warmer weather, it tastes refreshing. It also helps relieve sinus problems and coughs.

Sëx in the space ?

Sëx in space is distinguished mainly by the absence of gravity (unless artificial gravity is created in the space ship) which leads to some difficulties surrounding the performing of most sëxual activities.
Because no certain sëxual intërcoursë in space is known to have occurred, the topic is hotly disputed to clarify its potential impact on human beings in the isolated, confined, and hazardous environment of space.
Zero Gravity sëx in fiction:
Science fiction and popular science writer Isaac Asimov made conjectures in writing about what sëx would be like in the weightless environment of space, in 1973. He anticipated some of the benefits of engaging in sëx in an environment of microgravity. Zero-gravity sëx is a common topic in science-fiction.
Zero Gravity sëx in movies :
*In the James Bond film Moonraker, James Bond (played by Roger Moore), who is typically amorous, and the Bond girl, Dr. Holly Goodhead, have sëx in the cargo bay of the Moonraker 5 Space Shuttle in one scene.
*The Sci-fi horror Supernova (2000) featured sëx between several of the characters in zero-gravity areas of the Medical Ship.
What about NASA :
A new book written by a French astronomer, however, alleges NASA studied the feasibility of 10 sëx positions in space during a space shuttle mission in 1996, though this claim has been discredited, and has been vigorously denied by NASA. (Six of the positions required the aid of an elastic belt to hold the partners together, the author writes in the book, "The Last Mission.")
NASA does not ban sëx between crewmembers.
"We depend and rely on the professionalism and good judgment of our astronauts," said NASA spokesman Ed Campion. "There is nothing specifically or formally written down about sëx in space."
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