Out of breath ? Try lemon

A cold glass of lemon water may protect your lungs against asthma. In fact, adding all things citrus such as grapefruit, oranges and lemons added to your shopping bucket may help reduce your risk of developing this respiratory problem, regardless of how active or how old you are.
Like most fruit, citrus is packed with nutrients that can help keep you healthy in general, and the ample amount of vitamin C in citrus fruit may have a particular benefit, it reduces risk of asthma. It has been found that adults who ate little or no fruit and shunned citrus were significantly more likely to have the wheezing and gasping symptoms of asthma.
Burning FAT
Your body needs sufficient vitamin C to burn fat and burning fat is key to keeping excess pounds away. So pop your C supplement, or snack on some C-rich orange / lemon before your next power walk. To keep the pounds you dropped from coming right back, you could start your day with some grapefruit, have an orange after lunch, or fill your dinner plate with C-rich veggies like red bell peppers and broccoli. So don’t skip your morning orange / lemon juice. And for a sophisticated twist to your lemonade, add some grated cucumber or ginger to your drink.

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