Ubislate 7+ not even worth its price

Just received a box from Datawind contains the must awaited tablet Ubislate 7+.
It's unexpected that the tab lacks in all departments:
1. Never seen such a dull resistive screen, you need a kick to roll it up-down.
2. Applications open upside down!
3. No Bluetooth!
4. No Android Market, you can not install latest games and applications
5. Phone is horrible! You need a headset with microphone.
6. To get sound/music from speakers you need to put it on your ear.
7. No popular video format is supported : I found only 3gp works
8. No stop button for video player, you have to power off the device to get rid off it.
9. Memory card does not fully penetrates the slot, half of the card remains outside
10. Pre-installed apps are very poor.

......and much more.

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