Your wrinkles Vanished !

1 Add grated carrots to spaghetti sauce. You won’t notice their presence and their carotene will feed your skin.

2 Add fresh spinach leaves to salad greens. Spinach contains more carotene than other types of lettuce.

3 Enjoy a daily fruit smoothie made of vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit.

4 For a special dessert that’s good for your skin, place chilled melon balls in a wine glass; splash with champagne and add mint for garnish.

5 Keep fresh broccoli florets handy in the fridge for a predinner snack. Serve with your favourite low-fat dip for a treat everyone will love.

6 Make fruit a part of every dinner meal.

7 Add broccoli and fresh spinach to pasta or tomato salads. They fit into just about every recipe.

8 Substitute papaya for tomato in salsa recipes. Not only will your taste buds tango, you’ll also get plenty of carotene!

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